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DS Product Service brings construction site to new level with reusable temporary walls and doors. No tools needed, very fast assembly, cleantech among many other benefits.
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DS Products
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DSWall 3

DS Wall element for protection, compartmentalising and insulation.


  • DS Wall element, width 1,200 mm, height 1,800-3,200 mm or 2,500-4,400 mm
  • Connectable and height-adjustable elements – Each element is equipped with a seal
  • UV protected – Impact resistant – DSS-Cassette logistics units for relocation
  • Light-weight DS-Wall construction for indoor use
  • A compatible DS-Door for connecting spaces

Sealed, 1,200 mm light-weight element for setting up temporary compartments or barriers with a 6 mm polycarbonate sheet. A drop moulding available under the element for outer wall use

DSDoor v5

DS Wall Door to be combined with DS Wall protective wall elements.

Width 1,200 mm, from which door-element 850 mm.
Height 2500-2980 mm (4400 mm = 2980 + 3x480 mm extra pieces)

To order

  • Switchboard, chained feed and fault current protection
  • Negative pressurization (IONJET, no filters needed)
  • Negative pressurization (rough + HEPA + channel blower)
  • Supply air sleeve with butterfly damper
  • LED work light fittings, power supply connection


Cassette v2

DS Cassette for relocation, transportation and storing of elements


  • Width 1,200, length 2,660 mm, height 1430 mm
  • A single cassette holds 10 DS-Wall or 5 DS-Light Door elements
  • Can be hoisted with a crane
  • Compatible with a pallet jack
  • Stackable by 2 Cassettes
  • Suitable for long-distance transportation by lorry
  • Made of steel and coverable with sheet (option)

Use areas

DS Products can be used i.e at construction business, restaurants, hospitals, schools, public sector, marine..

Construction sites

DS product's first useage areas are construction sites, where...

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DS Products bring new possibilities to Marine-area...

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Main properties

DS products can stand very much, as each have 200 Newton pressure to hold them still..
DS products do not burn. With high temperatures, like XXX Celcsius, they start to melt though.
There is no waste when using DS products. All parts are reusable.

References / What others are saying

Testimonial 1
It's really wonderful. DS has surpassed our expectations. Needless to say their products are very awesome! - John Hubner
Testimonial 2
I love DS products. Keep up the excellent work. Very easy to use. DS products take less than minute to assemble! - Shawn Avery
Testimonial 3
Can't imagine life without it! DS has really helped our business. I am so pleased with this product. - Lacy South